Stretch Pump No. 5X

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Stretch Pump No. 5X
Stretch Pump No. 5X
Stretch Pump No. 5X
Stretch Pump No. 5X
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Stretch Pump No. 3
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Stretch Pump No. 5X
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Stretch Fist Pump
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Stretch Pump No. 5X


31cm long and 6cm wide - now PUMP IT UP!

Pump yourself up to the limit with STRETCH PUMPS - a set of 4 red cocks made in thick durable red latex and moulded with a realistic veined shaft and defined head. The STRETCH PUMPS include a solid foam inner core allowing for easy insertion, and deflated they come in a range of 4 sizes corresponding to STRETCH NO. 3, STRETCH NO. 4, STRETCH NO. 5X and STRETCH NO. 5XX. Want more than a large cock in you? - Feel like you're getting a proper fisting. Then choose the STETCH FIST PUMP.
So let the fun begin - insert and inflate for an amazing sensation. Using the attached hand pump, the STRETCH PUMP will increase in size to double its volume. Go wider, go deeper, the STRETCH PUMP is perfect for stretching hungry holes even wider. And the hand pump features a quick release valve allowing for fast or gentle deflation.
How far will you pump?

- thick durable red latex
- moulded veined shaft and defined head
- solid foam inner core
- doubles in volume
- hand pump with quick release valve


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