Fist Paddle • Black/Red

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Fist Paddle • Black/Red
Fist Paddle • Black/Red
Fist Paddle • Black/Red
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Fist Paddle • Black/Red
Fist Paddle • Black
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Fist Flogger • Leather
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Fist Paddle • Black/Red

Step Up For A Spanking!

Fist branded leather paddle - one side's black, the other's red. Made from two sheets of heavy-puty leather welded together with a thickness of 8mm, this solid paddle, with slight flex will definitely leave an unmistakable mark. With only a little effort, this paddle can sting even through clothing. The large surface area, leather flexibility and easy grip handle with wrist strap gives the paddle a real sting in its tail!

- fist branded
- premium leather - black & red
- slight flex
- large surface area (8.5cm x 33cm)
- easy grip handle
- wrist strap