Stretch Worm No.1

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Stretch Worm No.1
Stretch Worm No.1
Stretch Worm No.1
Stretch Worm No.1
Stretch Worm No.1
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Stretch Worm No.1
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Stretch Worm No.1

40cm twisted

Stretch worms are a set of 6 worms ranging in depth from 40cm to 60cm. Choose a worm with a gently twisted shaft or a beaded worm with depth gauge to track your progress.

Stretch worms are made from strong, super soft elastic silicone and are designed for serious depth play. Flexible to follow your body's curves, they are gently graduated in diameter so the deeper you go - the better the stretch. Each has a tapered tip for comfortable insertion, a strong suction base for easy hands-free solo play, and narrow neck at the base, so if you take the whole worm, it will stay in place.

Worm your way in!
- 100% premium silicone red worm
- soft elastic silicone
- gently twisted shaft
- strong suction base

Colour: red
Material: silicone
Type: twisted
Insertable Length: 40cm
Maximum Diameter: 3cm
Maximum Circumference: 9.5cm
Weight: 0.25kg


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