Kierretappi Cyclone

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Kierretappi Cyclone
Kierretappi Cyclone
Kierretappi Cyclone
Kierretappi Cyclone
Kierretappi Cyclone
Saatavilla 1 kpl
Toimitusaika alk.
1-2 pv
Toimituskulut alk.
Kierretappi Tyrant
Kierretappi Cyclone
59,90 €

Spiral out of control with the helter-skelter inspired Cyclone. He'll stretch you wider than his little brother, the Tyrant. Get plenty of twisted pleasure as you turn him round and round and let the spiral fin pull him deeper and deeper. Master that and then try him in and out without twisting if you dare.

Velvety soft and shiny black, made from phthalate-free vinyl. Can be used with all lubricants - water based, silicone or oil. The toy is super soft and pliable, yet firm enough for easy use. Tough and strong, he will last a life time. After use, simply clean with warm soapy water.

velvety soft & shiny black
phthalate-free vinyl
easy clean with warm soapy water
compatible with all lubes

Designed for hungry holes

Colour: black
Material: vinyl
Total Length: 29cm
Insertable Length: 25cm
Maximum Diameter: 8cm
Maximum Circumference: 25cm
Weight: 1.42kg