Fist Rubber Fuck Shorts

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Fist Rubber Fuck Shorts
Fist Rubber Fuck Shorts
Fist Rubber Fuck Shorts
Fist Rubber Fuck Shorts
Fist Rubber Fuck Shorts
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Fist Rubber Fuck Shorts

Full on kink or just a novice - we've got you covered!

The FIST RUBBER FUCK SHORTS are low rise backless shorts designed to give you a smooth sleek fit. Constructed from 0.45mm black latex the flattering cut will lift and support your rear, whilst the tailored pouch holds your package firm.
FIST RUBBER is an exclusive range of designer rubber garments including a tantalising collection of underwear, shorts, vests, and suits. And we pride ourselves in the quality and workmanship of these items, made from the very best materials available. British manufactured, and hand made to the highest standard.

- rubber fuck shorts
- black latex
- low rise
- backless
- latex gauge 0.017" - 0.020" / 0.45mm
- made in the UK


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