Inflatable Missile • Solid

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Inflatable Missile • Solid
Inflatable Missile • Solid
Inflatable Missile • Solid
Inflatable Missile • Solid
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Inflatable Truncheon • Solid
Inflatable Missile • Solid
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Inflatable Fist • Solid
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Pump it Up!

If you thought the XXX large giant inflatable dildo was a giant, he looks tiny in comparison to the Inflatable missile. This is our largest inflatable. At minimum inflation, he already measures 40cm in length and has an eye watering diameter of 8.5cm. And that's before you begin pumping! Pump him up and you can easily double his volume. The inflatable missile is manufactured from a thick durable latex, and includes a solid foam inner core which allows for easier insertion. The hand pump features a quick release valve allowing for fast or gentle deflation.
Insert and inflate for an amazing unforgettable sensation.

- inflatable missile
- our largest inflatable
- solid foam inner core
- thick durable black latexd
- doubles in volume
- hand pump
- quick release valve
- phthalate free


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