Inflatable Gag

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Inflatable Gag
Inflatable Gag
Inflatable Gag
Inflatable Gag
Inflatable Gag
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Inflatable Gag
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Inflatable Gag

Pump It To The Limit!

This rubber inflatable gag is held in place by adjustable rubber straps. Manufactured from a thick durable latex, the gag can easily be pumped up to double its volume, yet it still leaves the tube open in the mouth. Add a funnel to the end of the tube and he'll have no choice but to swallow everything that comes his way. The hand pump features a quick release valve allowing for fast or gentle deflation.

- inflatable gag
- unique ribbed design
- enema tube
- thick durable black latex
- gag doubles in volume
- hand pump
- quick release valve


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