Flexi Hose + Valve • 30cm

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Flexi Hose + Valve • 30cm
Flexi Hose + Valve • 30cm
Flexi Hose + Valve • 30cm
Flexi Hose + Valve • 30cm
Flexi Hose + Valve • 30cm
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Flexi Hose • 15cm
Flexi Hose • 30cm
Flexi Hose + Valve • 30cm
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Flexi Hose + Valve • 30cm

Go With The Flow!

The flexi hose offers you the ultimate deep cleaning experience. Comes in 2 lengths, either 6 inch or 12 inch reach. Made from super flexible premium silicone, the hose easily adapts to internal curves, with a soft bullet-shaped tip for comfortable insertion. And the 20mm diameter hose has a large nozzle to deliver a total clean with adjustable flow valve. Can be attached to any standard shower hose.

Made from body safe silicone, non-toxic and dishwasher safe.

Make deep cleaning a hole lot of fun!

12 inch hose
black premium silicone
super flexible
soft bullet-shaped tip
adjustable flow valve
ultimate deep clean experience
fits standard shower hose


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