Puppy Tail No.3

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Puppy Tail No.3
Puppy Tail No.3
Puppy Tail No.3
Puppy Tail No.3
Puppy Tail No.3
Puppy Tail No.3
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Puppy Tail No.3

Whos A Good Boy?

Made of 100% premium silicone, each puppy tail is silky smooth, strong and flexible with unique firm-flex design. And each bulb has a soft curved shape for ease of entry and a wide winged base to keep the tail firmly in place.
The puppy tails have identical 22cm long flexible tails - so once it's in place, only you know what size of plug you've used. The puppy tails come in 4 sizes of bulb, each gently increasing in length, bulb diameter and neck diameter. Get training and stretching with a huge size range to work your way through, from a plug diameter of 3.5cm up to a massive 6.5cm, and we've made the plugs heavy too - perfectly balanced to give maximum wag.
Odourless, non-toxic, easy to clean and compatible with all lubes.


- 100% premium silicone
- silky smooth, unique firm-flex
- curved shape for ease of entry
- wide winged base
- perfect balance - maximum wag


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