Where is my package?

You will always get a tracking code for Posti, which can be used to track your order. If the package is not moving or there is something strange, please contact us. Let’s solve the problem together.

What have you done for customer privacy?

Customer privacy is number one priority for us. These are few important steps we have taken to ensure high level of privacy.

- All packages are unlabeled and neutral, no info about contents
- Sender is marked as "Mikmäk Oy"
- Bank statement will display a known operator "Paytrail"
- We do not collect any extra information from customers
- If there is any reason to contact you, we will send email - never call
- We will not send marketing email without your consent

We are confident that we can keep our customers happy. We hope that you will recommend us to people you trust. Thank you for co-operation!
If there is any questions about these, please don’t hesitate to contact us.